TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods)


8 hours

Guidelines for Training Requirements:

  • Definition of the nine classes of dangerous goods and their associated hazards;
  • Shipping names, classes, UN numbers and packing groups for the dangerous goods that are normally encountered on the job;
  • Safety marks such as labels and placards that are used to identify the different classes of dangerous goods that are normally encountered on the job;
  • Knowledge of the information that must be on a shipping document;
  • The requirements regarding mixed loads and the need for segregation of incompatible dangerous goods;
  • The proper selection and use of means of containment for the dangerous goods;
  • What to do if the shipping documents, placards, labels, other safety marks or means of containment seem inadequate or incorrect;
  • What constitutes an accidental release and the reporting requirements if an accident happens;
  • Proper use of all equipment that is used in the handling, offering for transport and/or transportation of dangerous goods;
  • Emergency Response Assistance Plans (ERAP) requirements if a plan is required.

100% attendance required

Certification valid for 1 year

A Medglobe Synergy training program