SAMA (SATORI Alternatives to Managing Aggression)


A 16-hour licensed course, The program's benefits of peace and safety are at the core of why it was developed.

The purpose of SAMA and the reason organizations use it, is to reduce the chance of injuries from aggressive behavior and to create a safe supportive environment where aggression is not likely to be acted out physically.

The Assisting Process is the core of the program and is one of the unique features that sets SAMA apart from other risk management of aggressive behaviour training programs.

SAMA teaches 19 'containment' procedures that cover Protection at a Distance (4), Protection from Wrist Grasps (4), Protection from Life Threatening Grasps (6), Protection from Hair Pulls (2), Protection from Bites (2), and Protection on the Ground (1).

By eliminating the need to move a person to sitting (which could injure the person's spine if done incorrectly) and not going through the physical effort necessary to help the person stand, more employees can qualify to use the procedures and the risk of injury from containment can be greatly reduced - PMAB program refinement.

Note: Participants must be physically capable in order to complete the full program

Bring socks to wear for the course

100% attendance required

Certification valid for 1 year

Pricing shown is per person; minimum of 6 people per group per course, full payment due prior to first day of course